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Sharpe's Recycle Oil Ltd

  • A family owned and operated company that was established in 1965.

  • The only oil recycling plant in the Greater London area and also the only such site inside the M25.

  • Produces waste recycled fuel oil (RFO) that has been processed on our site in Twickenham.

  • Leading specialist in Waste Oil treatment in the South-East of England,

  • Handles nearly any liquid aqueous waste that has been contaminated with mineral and synthetic oils in whatever form or proportions. (Not vegetable oils!)

What happens to waste oil we treat and recover?

We have a treatment and recovery process that separates the hazardous waste oil, cleans and converts it into a quality controlled Fuel Oil.


When we started, over 40 years ago, the processed oil was sold to other oil recycling companies who re-refined our product back into lubricating oil.

In the 1970's the use of oil additives plus, the increase of carbon levels due to extended use and the low price of base oil led to the demise of lubricating oil produced from waste oils. However this did restart again in more recent years.


Up until the mid 1980ís our processed waste engine and fuel oil was used as a fuel by laundries and engineering companies. However again the increased use of additives caused the carbonising of the boilers which were run on recycled fuel oils, hence this use was also stopped.

Recycled Fuel Oil was used by the Quarries, for drying and heating road stone, as well as a fuel source for the Power Stations during the start-up process combined with the coal. Over the years our number of coal fired power stations has again dramatically declined as cleaner fuels were sought and technology advanced.

Today with the Waste Incineration Directive of 2005 waste oils are prevented from being burnt in many industrial plants. Hence we send our RFO into the waste oil trade where it is blended and reprocessed and either used as a fuel for WID compliant plants or used to produce a high specification Product Fuel Oil (PFO) which is no longer a waste; some of which is burnt in industrial plants in the U.K and Europe, and some is exported for re-refining.

Other activities

In 1978 we diversified into the processing and disposing of oil and water mixtures, interceptor waste with low solid content, and cutting/soluble oils from engineering works.

In the 1980ís we undertook tank cleaning at outside sites (something which we have been doing on site for many years) as well as tank removals and cutting. This ceased in June 2016.

We have a small well-trained staff and process around 16 thousand tonnes of waste a year. Our key staffs hold Certificates of Technical Competence, Level 4, in Hazardous Waste Management.

We have been a member of the Oil Recycling Association (ORA) since its inception in 1997. We receive information from ORA on Legislation, Health & Safety, and Environmental concerns. We regularly attend meetings and the AGM.

We hold:

  • Environmental Permitting Regulation Permit No. JP3332ME

  • ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Management

  • ISO 14001 : 2004 Environmental Management

  • Thames Water Consent No. TMOG1709

  • WAMITAB Certificates of Technical Competence in Managing Hazardous Treatment Operations, Level 4

  • A member of the Oil Recycling Association (ORA)