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Waste Accepted

Environmental Protection Act 1990-

Waste Management Licence No. 83207 :

Superceded by PPC/EPR permit No. JP3332ME October 2007


Acceptable Oily Waste

  • Used engine, hydraulic and lubricating oils from petrol and diesel engines.

  • Used soluble/cutting/coolant oils from engineering works.

  • Interceptor waste-oil and water mixtures with solid content of less than 3%.

  • Redundant fuels-gas/diesel oils through to medium heavy fuel oils.

  • Oil and water spillages often inside bunded areas.

  • Tank and vehicle washings. (low solids)

  • Oil contaminated with water and water contaminated with oil.

  • See EWC list of substances which we are permitted to receive and process. (This is included in our permits on ou documents page here)


NON-Acceptable Waste

  • Waste that has a flash point of below 60C.
  • Has over 50 parts per million of Polychlorinated Biphenyls or Polychlorinated Triphenyls.
  • Loads that have a strong odour.
  • High solid content (above 3%).
  • Any EWC code not on our permitted list.


Vacuum tankers bring waste into us for treatment and disposal as we do not have any vehicles of our own. However we may be able to recommend a vacuum or waste oil collection tanker in your specific area.


We pride ourselves on the speed of off- loading and the quality of our services.