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We are licensed by the Environment Agency who carry out statutory visits to our site, to ensure that we are operating within the guidelines laid down in our Environmental Permitting Regulation (EPR) Permit.

Almost all waste received on site is hazardous and hence accompanied by a Consignment Note, a completed copy of which is returned to the waste producer under the Hazardous Waste Regulations July 2005.

We have a trade effluent discharge consent from Thames Water Utilities in accordance with the Water Industries Act 1991, T.E. Case No. TMOG1709.

Some of our staff are WAMITAB COTC trained and we are concerned about noise, smell and litter which could emanate from our site which could prove to be disagreeable with the local residents.

If you are a resident or have an interest in our business or its environmental impact please contact Dawn Roads by phone or click here to email us

200 SECOND Waste Fuel Oil

This is the end product that we produce from our plant and reaches our own high standard. We are ISO 9000 and 14000 UKAS accredited which helps us maintain the quality of our RFO and ensures that we operate within the parameters of our EPR permit and other legislation through our documented Quality Management System.

This we pass on within the waste oil trade where it is blended and reprocessed to produce a product under REACH and dutiable by HMRC as a product fuel oil (PFO) which can be burnt as a fuel without having to comply with WID. Some is blended and processed to produce a waste fuel which can only be burnt under WID compliant conditions often in Europe and some is passed on for re-refining in the UK and Europe.